This Leap Year, harness the power of the extra day in February to catapult into a healthier, fitter version of yourself. It’s the perfect moment to embrace change and commit to your well-being. At Active Nation, we understand the core reasons why our community continues to grow and thrive: the pursuit of enhanced mental health, elevated fitness levels, and the joy of being part of a supportive, active community.

Our Leap Year incentive is designed to give you that nudge to make your move. We’re offering an exclusive annual membership that not only promises significant savings but also ranks as our most favoured option. This membership grants you unlimited access to our swimming facilities, gym workouts and a wide array of classes, including in-studio sessions and over 1000 on-demand classes, catering to all fitness levels and preferences.

What’s Included?

We’re urging 150 minutes of aerobic activity weekly, plus 2 strength sessions—our formula for a healthier you!

Experience workouts from anywhere with Active Nation Anywhere’s on-demand options, along with in-venue activities like swimming, gym workouts and classes—all under this exclusive offer.

Aligned with WHO’s guidelines, our ‘Make Your Move’ campaign is your clear and achievable path to a healthier lifestyle.

Take The Leap!

Don’t let another year pass by without taking that leap forward. Grab this opportunity to invest in your health, find your stride in fitness and immerse yourself in a community that uplifts and motivates.

Grab Our Most Popular Annual Membership Offer Today

Make this Leap Year count.

Leap forward with Active Nation.

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Our gym’s are equipped with cardio machines, weight training equipment and a dedicated functional training area.


Active Nation also offers a wide range of group fitness classes, such as yoga, Pilates, spin and boxing.


We love to swim! Our pools are open for everyone to enjoy swimming for fun or a varied timetable of aqua aerobics.

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taking the leap


Meet Barbara, a dedicated member of Active Nation for the past three years. Previously exercising at home, Barbara made the switch to Active Nation after a recommendation from another supporter, and she hasn’t looked back since. Barbara has found joy in various classes and particularly appreciates the cardiovascular equipment available. Her commitment has resulted in a remarkable 2-stone weight loss, and she now feels significantly healthier thanks to the lifestyle she’s embraced at Active Nation.

What stands out for Barbara is the positive atmosphere at the facility and the friendly, accommodating staff. She notes that the team is always approachable, making time for members and offering valuable assistance. Her experience truly reflects the supportive community and excellent facilities that Active Nation provides for its members.


At 88 years old, David was a globetrotter who had lived and worked across the globe. Despite his age, he possessed the spirit of a world racing cycling champion. His secret? Dedication to 150 minutes of fitness. Three times a week, he attends the gym with his energy, pushing himself to keep moving.

David’s love for staying fit led him to Active Nation. The staff there became his extended family, always supportive and helpful. Since 2019, he’d been a loyal supporter, finding solace and motivation in the welcoming environment.

His life’s adventures might have slowed down, but his determination to stay fit only grew stronger. With every pedal and each step in the gym, David embodied the essence of lifelong dedication to health and fitness!


Introducing Julia, the embodiment of a fitness enthusiast on the move at Active Nation! Join her invigorating fitness journey, which began a year ago. Julia’s dynamism shines as she conquers cardio and tackles light weights, mastering efficient 40-minute workouts.

Despite a bustling full-time job, Julia sets her day’s rhythm with an impressive 3 to 4-mile morning walk, laying the foundation for triumph. At Active Nation, she thrives amid the vibrant atmosphere, basking in the camaraderie of friendly faces and the unwavering support of the dedicated staff, guiding her every step.

With two decades devoted to fitness, Julia’s narrative continues to evolve within the nurturing embrace of Active Nation. Join her movement, as she propels forward on her inspiring fitness expedition.

Terms and Conditions

The “MOVE MORE” offer entails a 12-month membership available exclusively during the month of February.

This offer is subject to limited availability and is distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Membership grants access to gym activities, swim sessions and studio classes. Please note that available activities vary across venues and not all venues provide swimming facilities.

Enjoy complete access to Online Active Nation Anywhere. A team member will facilitate the setup of your Active Nation Anywhere login upon joining.

This exclusive offer remains valid until February 29th, 2024.

Active Nation reserves the right to terminate or modify this offer at any time, with or without prior notice.