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Begin Your Journey of Movement on the National Day of Unplugging!


Step away from the static of screens and move more this March, starting with the National Day of Unplugging, we invite you to a month-long celebration of movement, mindfulness and meaningful connections with new friends. Embrace the joy of movement with “March Unplugged” and rediscover new ways of improving your well-being beyond your digital devices.


Digital Detox Challenges

Each week, we’ll guide you through creative challenges to reduce your screen time, making more room for movement in your life

FREE! Unplug & Move Pass

Your membership is the key to a world of activity! Enjoy access to gym sessions, yoga classes, swimming pools and more. Find your favourite way to move, or discover something new

Mindfulness Classes

Participate classes that blend physical activity with mindfulness practices, enhancing both your physical and mental well-being

Community and Connection

Build real-world connections through family-oriented activities such as swimming, designed to get everyone moving and interacting

Why Unplug?

Screens and devices constantly demand our attention, often keeping us from moving, exploring and connecting in the real world. “March Unplugged” challenges you to break free from digital chains, encouraging a lifestyle rich in movement and genuine interactions.

Set the Pace on the National Day of Unplugging

The National Day of Unplugging is your starting line. Commit to disconnecting from digital devices for 24 hours and dedicate this time to invigorating your body and spirit through various forms of movement.

Unplug and MOVE

Are you ready to power down, move more and connect more with friends? Sign up for “March Unplugged” and step into a world of active, unplugged living.

Break free from the digital tether. Reconnect with your body, with others and with the joy of movement. “March Unplugged” is your journey back to the heartbeat of a healthy life.

Welcome to Active Nation – Where Your Wellness Journey Begins!

Terms and Conditions

The “Unplug and Move” pass (“the Pass”) is available to individuals aged 18+. Participation is subject to the terms outlined herein and the policies of participating Active Nation venues and facilities. The Pass is valid only at participating Active Nation venues and facilities. The list of participating venues may vary and is subject to change without notice. Passholders may be required to book activities or sessions in advance, subject to availability. Booking procedures and policies may vary between venues. Passholders are responsible for adhering to venue-specific booking guidelines.

Active Nation Filton swimming is only available until the new venue fully opens, Ask a member of our team about our pre-opening founder membership offers for our gym and studio classes when you visit.

Passholders must comply with all rules, regulations, and guidelines established by Active Nation and participating venues. Failure to comply may result in the revocation of the Pass and/or refusal of entry to venues.

Offer is valid until March 31st. Active Nation reserves the right to withdraw the “Unplug and Move” offer at any time without prior notice.

By obtaining and using the “Unplug and Move” pass, the Passholder acknowledges and agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.