Stay active, stay cool and make your voice heard!



Summer is in full swing! Are you ready to embrace the sunshine, energise your body and mind, and make a positive impact on your health and community? Join our charity’s July campaign: #JulyOfAction – a month-long initiative designed to help you stay active and cool. Exercise your right alongside the General Elections. Vote for #JulyOfAction!

be active, be cool, be heard!

This summer, there’s plenty to get excited about with major sporting events like the Euros, tennis, holidays, and even the general elections. It’s truly a #JulyOfAction!

Use #JulyOfAction to fuel your personal drive and reach your goals. Stay active despite the heat with our diverse range of activities designed to keep you fit and cool. We offer expert tips on staying hydrated, adjusting your exercise routine for the weather, and finding cool workout spots. Plus, refreshing cool-down exercises to help you recover and stay energised.

For a personalised challenge, try our gym workouts, swimming sessions, and high-energy LES MILLS classes. Join us and make this summer your fittest yet!

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The Fitness Zone

Benefit from our diverse workout zones in our gym tailored to energise and challenge you, no matter your fitness level. 

Exercise Classes

Find your fitness groove with a variety of group classes, from pilates to zen yoga. Plus, experience the immersive world of LES MILLS with classes like BODYPUMP and SHAPES!

Be Cool In The Pool

Our swimming facilities offer a
refreshing and safe environment for swimmers of all levels. Consider joining one of our aqua fitness classes for a low-impact, high-fun workout that keeps you cool in the pool!

Join The Community!

More than just a gym, we’re a vibrant well-being charity! Connect with like-minded individuals, motivate each other and celebrate wins together. You’re never alone on your journey here!

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