Discover a Healthier You This September!

Healthy Aging Month

Healthy Aging month

Welcome to Healthy Aging Month! Take charge of your well-being with our FREE Active Aging Pass – a golden opportunity to ignite positive change in your life!

Unlock Vibrant Health: Embrace continuous improvements that keep you active, both physically and mentally, throughout life’s journey.

🏋️ Fight Sarcopenia: Sarcopenia, the loss of muscle due to aging or health conditions, affects 10% of adults over 50. Don’t let it dim your vitality! Engage in resistance training—lift weights, use resistance bands, or enjoy body-weight exercises like Pilates or water-based swimming to fend off sarcopenia.

🏊 Pick Your Passion: Choose an activity you’ll love, whether it’s a diverse range of classes, gym workouts, walking, light strength training, or swimming. We’ve got something for everyone!

💡 Benefits Galore: Not only does exercise stimulate brain cell growth, but it also slows down the aging process. Enjoy improved sleep quality as research shows exercise helps you drift into slumber more easily and enhances sleep overall.

Change your habits, change your life!

Ready to take the leap into a healthier, more active lifestyle? Our Active Aging Pass is the first step on this transformative journey. Your well-being matters – claim your pass now and experience the remarkable changes ahead!

Start your health journey now.

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Healthy Aging Pass

Terms & Conditions

Available only if you have never visited venue before.

1 Pass per person.

Valid at selected venues only.

Included activities are gym, swim or classes (swimming is not available at Runcorn, Preston, Chamberlayne, Birchwood)

Expires September 30th 2023.